Discover Port Royal, Roatan & Pirate Legend

Visitors to West End and West Bay, Roatan might think the island is completely overrun by tourists, hotels and souvenir shops.  But there is another side of the island that most tourists and cruise patrons don’t get to experience.  If you want to see how Roatan looked before the construction of its deep port, discover Port Royal, Roatan & pirate legend hot spot in the East End.

Discover Port Royal, Roatan & Pirate Legend

The East End of Roatan is accessible by a single 15 mile long road that runs through the center of the island.  You’ll get great views off both the north and south coasts of the island while passing fishing villages, traditional houses and communities of Garifuna – the descendants of indigienous Arawak tribes and African slaves.

Old Port Royal, on the far east coast of Roatan was once home to a large community of pirates.  The bay was fought over for centuries by the Spanish and English, but it’s secluded nature and easily defended harbor made it a favorite hiding place for those on the run.


Because of all the pirate activity in the area, early 20th century treasure hunters were able to find bounties of treasure chests filled with gold coins and other valuables.  And while removing artifacts from the island is now illegal, this area of the island is still popular for those looking for a quieter, more traditional side of Roatan.  Here you’ll find secluded beaches, lush jungle and amazing ocean views while still having access to good food, luxurious accommodations and friendly people.


Why choose a Caribbean villa for your wedding location?

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now the planning for your special day can begin in earnest.  Are you looking to make your wedding day even more special?  Have you considered a destination wedding?  A Caribbean wedding can provide you with an amazing backdrop, great weather and a celebration that no one will ever forget.  Why choose a Caribbean villa for your wedding location?  In this short article we tell you why!


Something Unique

Every wedding day is special, but the fact is that some weddings are more special than others.  And what could be more special than a wedding on a Caribbean island?  When it comes to uniqueness, a tropical island wedding is pretty tough to beat.  If you want something different than the standard, consider booking a Caribbean villa for your wedding location.

The Ideal Setting


What could be a better wedding venue than a location that virtually guarantees warm weather and sunny skies?  Add that to ocean views, white sand beaches and swaying palm trees and you have the perfect setting for a day that will never be forgotten.  A Caribbean wedding is certain to provide warm appreciation, heartfelt smiles and life long memories for everyone involved.


When you book a villa for your wedding day you can be assured of a sense of privacy that you would never be able to experience in a public house of worship, hotel or civic building.  The villa can act as your wedding venue, the setting for your reception as well as your place of accommodation.  As an all in one, self contained unit, you’ll be guaranteed the utmost in privacy.

Making Travel Plans in Uncertain Times


After the seriousness of overcrowded hospitals, frontline workers risking their lives and an ominous daily death count, it’s entirely reasonable to wish you could just get away from it all.  And isn’t that just what we did when things got to be too much in the pre-coronavirus era?  Unfortunately, leisure travel isn’t in anybody’s immediate plans these days – there are too many other deadly serious things going on.  But we can’t give up hope on ever traveling again.  Relying on hope is what gets us through tough times.  So, for those of us who rely on travel to allow us to reset, refresh and rejuvenate, how do we go about making travel plans to Roatan  in uncertain times?

Travel Insurance

Now, more than ever, travel insurance seems like a necessity rather than an expensive, yet rarely utilized, option.  You may have already been caught out with the latest round of travel bans.  For some, it was much more comforting to lose a deposit (or a full balance) rather than having to risk getting on a cruise ship or flying to Italy when things started to look serious.  And although no insurance policy will cover you if you simply don’t feel like traveling that day, there are coverages that will actively help you out if future travel plans are affected by the global pandemic.  Now is the time to get comfortable understanding insurance policies.  And if you find that impossible, make a phone call to find out exactly what’s covered or not.

Roatan House Rentals West Bay: The Perfect Vacation Spot


To help you plan an incredible sun and sand getaway, check out Roatan house rentals West Bay:  the perfect vacation spot.  Why is it the perfect vacation spot?  Because while West Bay presents you with iconic white sand beaches, easily accessible coral reefs and all the services, your nearby vacation rental gives you seclusion and respite from the bustle of the beach.  Combine the best of both worlds with a Roatan vacation house rental near West Bay.

West Bay Highlights


West Bay is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, while its snorkeling is renowned around the world.  The white sand beach is a mile long and only a few yards away from the second largest barrier reef system in the world.  Whether you’re a snorkeler, scuba diver or even a non-swimmer, the coral reef is easily accessible.  The water is clear, calm and one of the safest places to swim on the island.

And if you want options beyond simply getting into the water, West Bay offers a full array of restaurants, bars, shopping opportunities and other excursions.  West Bay is also home to an annual free-diving competition that attracts competitors from around the world.  Known as the Caribbean Cup, the event determines who is able to dive the deepest without the aid of any artificial air supply.

Your Ideal Sun And Sand Vacation

Booking Roatan house rentals near West Bay affords easy access to one of the best beaches in the world while providing a calm and peaceful reprieve during the warm, tropical nights.

Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Roatan

Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Roatan.jpg

If you’re used to a white Christmas it may be somewhat discombobulating to be on a tropical island over the holidays.  But what could be better than getting away from the cold weather, icy roads and too many layers of clothing?  As a mainly Christian country, Christmas is probably the most important holiday of the year in Honduras.  So book your flights and celebrate Christmas with a suntan!  To allay any fears that a tropical island Christmas might be unrecognizable, we’ve come up with some tips for celebrating Christmas in Roatan.

Honduran Christmas Traditions

The days from December 16 to the major celebrations of Christmas Eve are known as Las Posadas.  This is common in many Latin American countries and entails processions representing Mary and Joseph asking for accommodations in private residences and churches.  There will be singing, feasting and displays of religious icons.

Fireworks will be going off all night on Christmas Eve and will reach a crescendo at midnight.  Christmas Day is ushered in with a midnight feast.  Families, especially the children, will receive estreno, or a new set of clothes and shoes that they will proudly wear on Christmas Eve.

You’re more likely to experience roasted suckling pigs or chickens rather than turkeys in Roatan.  But one food you’ll be sure to see are banana leaf wrapped tamales.  The tamales are usually filled with chicken or pork along with a mixture that might contain rice, potatoes, beans and olives.