Traveling to Roatan | Roatan Vacation Rentals



There are multiple ways to access the Roatan Vacation Rentals. However, plane and ferry are going to be your best options and potential options are listed below.

By Airplane

If traveling to the island by plane you are going to be flying into Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport, or Roatan International Airport. There you can find airlines such as American, United, Taca, Delta, and Cayman. These are the main airlines that service the airport, but they also partner with local carriers.

There are direct flights from Canada with Air Transit and Sunwing charters that leave from both Toronto and Montreal.

Always remember to shop around for travel deals. Sometimes, instead of booking a flight to Roatan from your location, it may be cheaper to book a separate ticket to a major hub that flies to Roatan and purchasing a round trip flight from that hub. For example, booking a return flight form Denver to Houston and then a flight from Houston to Roatan can sometimes be much cheaper than booking a flight from Denver to Roatan.


If you are trying to find the best fare, sign up for airfare or Roatan vacation package alerts with sites like Expedia or Hotwire. These will send you an email notifying you if the price has dropped for the time frame that you are interested in.

By Ferry

Another way to arrive on the island, to enjoy your Roatan Vacation Rental, is by Ferry Service. The ferry service travels between La Ceiba and Roatan. This will take you from the mainland of Honduras to the Bay Islands. It is a high-speed ferry getting you to your destination in about an hour. The cost is around $22 for a one-way trip in their general boarding. There is also a first-class option for $25. The ferry can be a little rough at times depending on the weather, but they do offer sea sickness pills at the ticket gate.

No matter how you get to Roatan, one thing is for sure, you will love it when you arrive!


Roatan Vacation – Roatan Vacation Homes



There are plenty of Roatan vacation homes that will make you feel like you belong when you come to visit the Caribbean. Deciding to rent a vacation home is only the first step in having a completely original experience that allows you to really get a sense of the culture. Here are a couple other ideas to get the most out of your stay.

Eat Like A Local

Ask any frequent traveler and they will tell you one of the best ways to experience a culture is to try their food. Try to avoid tourist restaurants take offer non-traditional food. This is one way your vacation rental will allow you to have a more authentic experience. You will be out of the way of hotel and tourists. Allowing you to find more genuine eats.

Off The Beaten Path

Have you ever traveled to a location and felt like it was not what you were expecting or felt like you only met tourists? This can be common when we stick to areas that cater to tourists. While these can be great for some areas, you are not going to want to do this while visiting Roatan. Some of the best experiences you will have are engaging with the locals and discovering the areas.

If you are thinking about visiting the Caribbean, consider choosing Roatan vacation homes to discover how the locals live. You will be living comfortably and can relax at your own private home while easily being able to go out and experience some of the best Roatan has to offer.

West Bay Roatan Vacation Rentals –


West Bay located in Roatan, is a vibrant town with one of the world’s most stunning white beaches. Staying in West Bay Roatan Vacation Rentals is like having your little piece of paradise where you can relax as much as possible with meals and excursions arranged or convenient enough to explore on your own by foot or water taxi. A Roatan vacation lets you truly enjoy the island lifestyle whether you came for a long stay or just passing through on the weekend.


West Bay is extremely popular with tourists for two reasons. First the stunning stretch of white sandy beach and second, the areas safety record. Tourists can walk freely even at night without worrying about an attack. West Bay is known as more of a neighborhood than a resort town. It is a place of adventure and aquatic activities surrounded by the second largest reef barrier in the world. If you are looking for the best of both worlds in a luxury West Bay Roatan Vacation rentals, consider L’Alize. With room for 14 guests, a private keyhole beach, and pool situated on a piece of pristine Caribbean jungle.

Be sure to get a Roatan vacation guide while visiting West Bay to find out everything the island has to offer. There are plenty of activities in the area including dolphin encounters, scuba diving, snorkeling, ziplining, horseback riding and golfing to name a few. Planning to go shopping? There are some boutiques near the West Bay vacation rentals, and shops that offer a chance to purchase incredible handmade crafts and other unique items. At L’Alize, we can even arrange for a personal chef to make your meals during your stay. Our goal is to offer an authentic Roatan experience with all the amenities you would expect from an upscale resort to make your Roatan vacation one to remember so you can’t wait to come back!