Why Go on a Winter Sun Vacation in Roatan


If you’re thinking about a winter holiday and want to try something a little different than the usual, same ol’, same ol’ you might want to consider a small island named Roatan situated off the north coast of the Central American country, Honduras.  Why go on a winter sun vacation in Roatan?  Sun, sand, abundant sea life and some of the most economical scuba diving found anywhere in the world are only a handful of reasons to book a trip here to beat your winter blues.


A Vitamin D Boost


For those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder or who live in an area that doesn’t get enough sunlight to produce ample Vitamin D, Roatan is a great place to spend a couple of weeks.  The temperatures average above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) even in the winter months of December and January.  Similarly the ocean water stays above 80 all year long.  Spend some time in Roatan and your Vitamin D production mechanisms will be given the boost they need.


Reinstate That Positive Mental Attitude


Getting away from it all, especially to a magical tropical island, is the perfect antidote to short days, cold weather and a grinding routine.  Give yourself something to look forward to by booking a vacation to an island where you know you’ll get a healthy dose of warm weather and sunshine. A warm, sunny winter break will allow you to relax, refresh and get back to your day-to-day life with a renewed vigor.

How Fresh Roatan Coconut Oil is Made


Coconut oil has been in the spotlight for several years now.  It’s taken on a superfood status and there are many claims of its apparent health benefits.  But the fact is that coconut oil hasn’t always been a trendy diet and skincare supplement marketed by eager enterprises.  Coconut oil has traditionally been made in the home in quantities small enough for single family use.  To shine some light on this long established practice, we’ve outlined how fresh Roatan coconut oil is made.

Extract The Coconut Milk

To make one quart of coconut oil you should begin with the dried meat from approximately 10 coconuts.  Shred or grate the coconut meat and soak it in a couple of quarts of water.  Allow it to sit for a short while and give it a good stir before squeezing the grated coconut to extract the liquid.  Repeat this process again with another quart of fresh water to end up with about a gallon of coconut milk.


Separating The Coconut Cream

You’ll want to allow the coconut milk to separate so you can skim off the coconut cream.  This can be done by allowing the coconut milk to sit in a refrigerator.  Eventually the cream will rise to the top and you’ll be able to skim it off the surface.

Extracting The Coconut Oil


To extract the oil from the coconut cream you’ll need to apply heat.  Place the coconut cream in a pot and heat it over medium heat.  You’ll need to heat and stir it for up to an hour and a half.  As the water burns off, a residue will start to appear which should be removed.  This residue is actually edible and quite tasty.  Once all the water has evaporated you’ll be left with pure coconut oil.  It’s important to ensure all the water has been cooked off because any leftover moisture can cause the coconut oil to go rancid.  The longer you cook the coconut oil, the darker it will become.

The Finished Product

The finished coconut oil should be stored in a sterilized container.  It will last indefinitely and can be used for cooking, as a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner and more.





Top Sun Safety Tips for Traveling


There’s nothing much more exciting than going on a tropical island vacation.  But your excitement could soon turn to agony if you end up with a nasty sunburn.  We’re all for enjoying the sun, the sea and the sand, but we like to do it intelligently.  In an effort to help you do the same we’ve come up with a list of top sun safety tips for traveling.

Sunscreens Aren’t All Made The Same

Most people are aware that the higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) the longer you can stay in the sun, but they may not be aware that there’s a limit to the effectiveness of high SPFs.  It’s been found that anything over SPF 50 doesn’t get any more effective at protecting your skin. Be sure to use reef friendly sunscreen!

Sunscreen Expiry

Another thing that many people may not be aware of is that, like many foods, sunscreen has a best before date.  In the US, sunscreens are required by the FDA to remain effective for at least 3 years after being opened.  To remind you how long your sunscreen is still good, write the date you bought it in indelible ink on the container.

Cover Your Head

The worst way to find out you have a bald spot is by getting a sunburn on your head.  Prevent this rude awakening by wearing a hat when out and about.  If a hat doesn’t work for you, try a spray on sunscreen lotion.

The Best Sun Protection

Avoiding the sun completely is the most effective protection.  Of course this probably defeats the purpose of an island vacation.  So if you do want to take in some rays, the safest time to do so is outside the hours of 10am to 4pm.  Consider taking in some shade during these high UV periods.

How to Have the Perfect Friends Getaway in Roatan


Friends getaways are a great way to thoroughly catch up with old acquaintances without having to worry about time constraints, day to day responsibilities or other familial and occupational obligations.  With cheaper flights becoming more common, more and more people are adding a friends vacation to their list of annual holidays.  To help those who are planning such a trip we’ve come up with some tips on how to have the perfect friends getaway in Roatan.

Get A Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are perfect for friends getaways.  Unlike a hotel everyone will always be together yet still have enough privacy to feel comfortable.  You’ll have your own living and lounging spaces, you can cook and eat together and you won’t have to worry about always appearing appropriate in front of other hotel guests.  You’ll be able to feel natural while you relax together in a home away from home.


Plan In Advance

As we get older and further entrenched in our day to day lives, it gets much harder to make plans with friends.  For this reason, the farther in advance that you start your planning the more likely the vacation will go off without any scheduling conflicts or other frictions.  It’s also easier to book things for larger groups well in advance than it is at the last minute.  The farther out that you pencil in the dates of your vacation the easier it will be for it to take priority over other plans

Choose The Right Vacation

Know the types of things will make the ideal vacation for you and your friends and book accordingly.  Is your group the type that loves the sea and the sand?  Or maybe they’re more about shopping and dining in fancy restaurants.  Focus your vacation on the things that will make your group feel happy and easygoing.

Tips For Splitting Your Roatan Family Vacation Cost


It’s taken many years of talking about it and several months of actual planning, but you’ve finally nailed down a family vacation on a warm, tropical island – congratulations!  But as you might have realized, working things out with a large group is very different than planning your own vacation.  A big point of contention is how much each person pays – especially when it comes to food.  To help sort that out, we’ve come up with some tips for splitting your Roatan family vacation cost when buying food.

The Communal Grocery Pot

One way to split food costs in large groups is to have everyone put a certain amount of money into a pot that’s used to buy communal groceries.  When the pot runs out of money everyone adds more.  If there’s money leftover at the end of the vacation, that can be divvied back to everyone who contributed.


Each To Their Own

Another way is have everyone buy their own groceries.  Although this will cut out any arguments over what’s being bought or who’s eating too much, it’s not really conducive to bringing the family together at meal time.  You can alter this slightly by combining this method with one the above by creating a pot of grocery money for some planned shared meals.

The Best Chefs Competition

One way to get around worrying about food costs is to create a competition to find out who the best chefs in the family are.  Split up into teams and have each team take care of menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking on a specific day.  All the other teams vote on how much they enjoyed the day’s meals and at the end of the vacation the votes are tallied up to determine the top chefs.  What typically happens is that teams focus more on creating great meals than worrying about actual costs.  And everyone benefits!