Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Roatan

Tips for Celebrating Christmas in Roatan.jpg

If you’re used to a white Christmas it may be somewhat discombobulating to be on a tropical island over the holidays.  But what could be better than getting away from the cold weather, icy roads and too many layers of clothing?  As a mainly Christian country, Christmas is probably the most important holiday of the year in Honduras.  So book your flights and celebrate Christmas with a suntan!  To allay any fears that a tropical island Christmas might be unrecognizable, we’ve come up with some tips for celebrating Christmas in Roatan.

Honduran Christmas Traditions

The days from December 16 to the major celebrations of Christmas Eve are known as Las Posadas.  This is common in many Latin American countries and entails processions representing Mary and Joseph asking for accommodations in private residences and churches.  There will be singing, feasting and displays of religious icons.

Fireworks will be going off all night on Christmas Eve and will reach a crescendo at midnight.  Christmas Day is ushered in with a midnight feast.  Families, especially the children, will receive estreno, or a new set of clothes and shoes that they will proudly wear on Christmas Eve.

You’re more likely to experience roasted suckling pigs or chickens rather than turkeys in Roatan.  But one food you’ll be sure to see are banana leaf wrapped tamales.  The tamales are usually filled with chicken or pork along with a mixture that might contain rice, potatoes, beans and olives.

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