Making Travel Plans in Uncertain Times


After the seriousness of overcrowded hospitals, frontline workers risking their lives and an ominous daily death count, it’s entirely reasonable to wish you could just get away from it all.  And isn’t that just what we did when things got to be too much in the pre-coronavirus era?  Unfortunately, leisure travel isn’t in anybody’s immediate plans these days – there are too many other deadly serious things going on.  But we can’t give up hope on ever traveling again.  Relying on hope is what gets us through tough times.  So, for those of us who rely on travel to allow us to reset, refresh and rejuvenate, how do we go about making travel plans to Roatan  in uncertain times?

Travel Insurance

Now, more than ever, travel insurance seems like a necessity rather than an expensive, yet rarely utilized, option.  You may have already been caught out with the latest round of travel bans.  For some, it was much more comforting to lose a deposit (or a full balance) rather than having to risk getting on a cruise ship or flying to Italy when things started to look serious.  And although no insurance policy will cover you if you simply don’t feel like traveling that day, there are coverages that will actively help you out if future travel plans are affected by the global pandemic.  Now is the time to get comfortable understanding insurance policies.  And if you find that impossible, make a phone call to find out exactly what’s covered or not.

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